Food is our passion; but we also beleive the surroundings where we eat and the sounds that we hear, all combine to create the perfect offering. We always start with the best produce, almost always grown here at Burtown, whilst also sourcing the best possible ingredients from Irish, Italian and Spanish suppliers.

Seasonal produce

We only ever use seasonal produce on our menus, utilising the bounty from our walled garden, polytunnels and field scale plots and the surrounding farm. Vegetables and herbs will generally take centre stage, supplemented by protein from organic farmers and reputable fisheries.

Seasonal Salad

With a farm-to-fork philosophy our menus reflect what is happening in our gardens, showcasing the best of what has been harvested that day. What accompanies each dish therefore might vary from day to day, as we make the most of all that is on offer.

Carrots and summer squash

Depending on the time of year, guests can dine in The Green Barn, on our terraces, or in one of our more private garden rooms, or under the canopy of our heated garden tent. All our dining options offer inspiring views to the walled kitchen garden.

Pizza Lunch on the terrace

Our food is available for brunch, lunch or dinner depending on the day of the week

The Barn


We treat brunch with the same creativity and attention to detail as all our other meals. Actually, it’s one of our personal favourites. Our delicious brunches combine seasonal produce and herbs from the kitchen garden with golden eggs from pasture-roaming chickens, award-winning local sausages and bacon and crunchy sourdough breads, all put together in new and inventive ways.

Potato Cake


Our gardeners and chefs collaborate to make sure the freshest garden produce arrives into the kitchen and onto the menu each day. With minutes from farm-to-fork and ever-evolving seasonal combinations of flavour, colour and textures, lunch at Burtown is a real treat.



Dinner is served at The Green Barn on Friday and Saturday nights and is a more refined, contemporary affair, but with the same fresh, seasonal ethos. We love to stoke up our wood-fired oven, especially in the summer months, when wood-fired pizzas appear on the menu alongside our finer-dining options, and the aromas from the grill entice visitors in from the gardens and further afield to try something really special.

Outdoor dining Anti Pasti