Food is our passion; but we also believe the surroundings where we eat and the sounds that we hear, all combine to create the perfect offering. We always start with the best produce, almost always grown here at Burtown, whilst also sourcing the best possible ingredients from Irish, Italian and Spanish suppliers.

seasonal produce

We only ever use seasonal produce on our menus, utilising the bounty from our walled garden, polytunnels and field scale plots and the surrounding farm. Vegetables and herbs will generally take centre stage, supplemented by protein from organic farmers and reputable fisheries.

seasonal salad

We are almost 100% self-sufficient and use sustainable methods for all our food production. No chemicals or pesticides have been used in our food production for as long we have been growing here, for well over 150 years. All our heating and hot water is produced from one biomass woodchip system that feeds into every building at Burtown, greatly reducing our carbon footprint. We have large compost areas that help the cycle of life and so feed and contribute to the soil structure of our gardens each year.


Our team of growers oversee the production of fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the garden at Burtown, ensuring a constant supply of varied seasonal produce. The walled kitchen garden, our 4 acre field plot and our polytunnels supply delicious fresh produce all year round.

pizza fish