About Burtown

Jo in the Gallery Cafe

Burtown is currently home to 3 generations of the Fennell family. A permanent Wendy Walsh exhibition, a shop featuring family paintings & prints, photographs, jewellery and many of the 30 books that have been produced by James Fennell and Wendy Walsh, as well as art and sculpture by local designers and artists, Burtown Gardens has much to offer. Burtown Gardens are open to visitors for much of the year - and the house and gardens by appointment.

As well as being a mother of 3 and a talented cook, James’ wife, Joanna (photographed opposite), is also a jewellery designer and her handmade jewellery is available to buy at the shop.


Burtown is an early Georgian Villa built for the Quaker Robert Power in 1710 and passed down the female line through a number of families to Fennell family.

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