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  • Sveta Rumak exhibition at The Green Barn

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    Irish Boys

    The Green Barn is excited to showcase the beautifully evocative work of Russian artist. Sveta Rumak’s enigmatic work is a rich synthesis of her unique visual vocabulary with medieval Russian iconoclasm. The canvases are inhabited by humans and animals rendered in an earthy palette, set against very stylised but highly textured backgrounds. Like medieval Orthodox icons, her people have enlarged almond eyes with an otherworldly cast and long straight noses. The elongated figures seem weightless, and float in a spiritual atmosphere of spacelessness, without mass or shadow-casting volume. Also typical of icons, Rumak juxtaposes flat figures in ornately patterned garments with more fully modelled heads.

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  • Brunch at The Green Barn

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    Homemade Granola, Organic Irish Yogurt, Poached Pear

    This Wednesday November 1st we are excited to launch our new brunch menu which will run every Wednesday - Saturday from 10.00am - 12 noon.

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  • Roasted Beetroot Soup with Thyme and Garlic

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    Beetroot Soup

    This is always a great summer dish, bursting with root flavour from the garden and big on colour, it always tastes garden, and is a great back drop for garnishing of all kinds, if you have an abundance of edible flowers and herbs.

    Added with our Basil and Parsley Pesto and sourdough its a winer all round.

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  • Birdwoods at Burtown Exhibition

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    Burtown House continues its connection with art of all kinds with an exhibition of 50 pieces of stunning Zimbabwean stone sculpture. On display from 8th September throughout the wonderful gardens of this 300-year old country house in County Kildare, the ‘Birdwoods at Burtown’ exhibition connects New Zealand, Zimbabwe and Ireland – through family association, a multigenerational inheritance of creativity, and a shared entrepreneurial spirit.

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  • Burtown and The Barn - A film by The Perennial Plate

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    Burtown and The Barn

    If you have a spare 20 minutes then tune into The Perennial Plates latest film shot over 3 weeks here at Burtown, in the midst of our scramble to open our Green Barn.

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