Burtown is currently home to three generations of the Fennell family. James & Joanna and their three children, Bluebell, Mimi and William, live in the main house which dates from the first half of the 18th centuary, and has never been sold. James’s mother Lesley lives in a house in the stable yard and has lived at Burtown for over 40 years.

Joanna Fennell

We are a creative bunch, who love interiors and gardens, history and architecture, as well as great food and the best ingredients. For us this is an ever evolving project and so we love to dig, renovate and decorate, keeping things fresh, contemporary and inspired, but with a strong eye on sustainability and our heritage.

William picking vegetables

Our visual aesthetics, our food and our surrounding landscape is our passion, and we take great pleasure in knowing what we are eating and where the produce has come from, hence growing almost all our food and working with some great Irish producers.

Interior of Burtown

We, James and Joanna, both grew up in Irish country houses. Our background is photographing and designing interiors and hospitality, growing and eating good food, travelling and living life to the max, and more recently welcoming guests to Burtown to enjoy all that we are developing here.

Burtown House across the fields Joanna and the girls