About Burtown

Jo in the Gallery Cafe

Burtown is currently home to 3 generations of the Fennell family. James & Joanna Fennell run things with the help of Chris (restaurant manager) Phil ( head chef) and Dermot (head grower) and an extended team of friendly and efficient local people. We like to keep things local and so also all our produce is grown on site with organic sustainable principles. We take our food and visual aesthetics seriously, and take great great pleasure in knowing what we eat and where the produce has come from. Hence growing it all or sourcing meat and poultry from local farmers. We love our interiors, gardens, history, architecture and so are continuously renovating, decorating, changing and altering all thats around us but keeping a strong eye on our heritage and setting. We have a 3 bedroom stable yard house, a large stable yard studio apartment and old world bedrooms in the main house that we sometimes rent out.

Our back ground is photographing and designing interiors, hospitality, growing and eating food and of course all the fun times that we encounter. We love to share what we are up to and welcome you all to The Green Barn and Burtown House & Gardens.


Burtown is an early Georgian Villa built for the Quaker Robert Power in 1710 and passed down the female line through a number of families to Fennell family.

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