Just outside Athy, Co. Kildare, a place steeped in rich heritage and familial warmth, The Burtown Estate stands as a testament to the Fennell family’s enduring legacy. With roots extending three generations deep, Burtown is not merely a location; it is a tapestry woven with the threads of history, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Join us as we embark on our new journey into the world of Irish Whiskey. Become a cask owner and start your own journey with us.

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The Founder's Cask

Introducing The Founder’s Casks, limited edition cask whiskey from Burtown Bonded. Own one of less than 100 carefully crafted casks released annually. Each vintage is a unique work, never replicated. As a founder you will become a member of a select club here at The Burtown Estate, always welcomed. We want to offer a true immersive whiskey experience to our Founder’s Casks members here at Burtown. We can guide you through choosing the right cask for your whiskey or you can simply choose one of the available options from our wood program. We believe strongly that sweet and fortified wine casks from Spain, Portugal and beyond are the natural compliment to our unique spirits. No two casks are the same and as your whiskey breathes and matures within the cask, it undergoes a transformative process that is both beautiful and unpredictable.

Our Whiskey Philosophy

Our Whiskey Philosophy

Burtown Bonded we have a very specific approach to whiskey making, one guided heavily by the land, the weather and fate. It begins, as it always should, with the land. All our grain comes from our fields around Burtown House and always will. We farm organically, regeneratively and always with nature in mind. Each year we sow our mix of grains. Mostly barley, this year a good portion of oats, next year maybe wheat or rye. Whatever grows and we harvest becomes our recipe or “mash bill”. For our first vintage looks something like 85% barley and 15% oats. Of the barley roughly half will be malted. With this process we achieve what many would consider a “Heritage Pot Still” style of whiskey, one unique to Ireland. For maturation we favour heavily sweet and fortified wines from the Iberian Peninsula and islands. For cask sourcing we go direct to producers and cooperages to ensure the highest quality and most interesting flavours. The minimum legal duration of maturation for whiskey in Ireland is three years, however we set our minimum at five, we feel this will give exceptional results with our combination of whiskey style and wood selection.

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Farming at Burtown

At Burtown, we take great pride in our unwavering commitment to using organic and regenerative farming methods that prioritise the health of our land and the surrounding ecosystem. These sustainable practices guide us in every aspect of our operation, from cultivating the grains that sway in our fields to tending to the vegetables in our kitchen garden and the fruits that flourish in our orchards.

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