Art in the Garden: Burtown House and Gardens

Painting in the garden

Art in the Garden: Burtown House and Gardens

The third exhibition of Art in the Garden will be held this September at Burtown. This biennial project was conceived by Seamus O’Brien, director of the branch of the National Botanic Gardens in Kilmacurragh. Initially six artists were invited to record in paint various aspects of Kilmacurragh, for an exhibition at Glasnevin. The success of the idea led to the exhibition being moved every two years to other well-known gardens throughout Ireland and more artists being added, in order to express the spirit and diversity of the gardens in different art forms and mediums.

The exhibition here at Burtown will include botanical paintings by some of Ireland’s finest artists, as well as much more contemporary work by others. We have added sculpture, photography, blown glass and more, to get a really diverse view of the garden and its landscape, as well as the plants. The exhibition will be opened on Sunday 16th September at 12 noon by Suzanne Macdougald, a leading figure in the Irish art world, member of the board of directors of the National Galley of Ireland and previous owner of the hugely successful Solomon Gallery in Dublin. Seamus O’Brien will also give a short introduction to this revolving garden art exhibition. The exhibition will be held in the Wendy Walsh Gallery at Burtown and in the garden and will run until the end of December. We hope that you will come and enjoy the art and the garden, and the connections between them.

Painters Lesley Fennell, Andrea Jamison, Maria Levinge, Nicola Morrine, Mick O’Dea, Peter Curling, Alison Rosse, Elizabeth Cope, Shay O’Byrne, Bob Lynn, Cathy Callan, Bridget Flinn.

Holly Somerville, Lynn Stringer, Yanny Peters, Mary Dillon, Shevaun Doherty,  Siobhan Larkin.

Sculptors Catherine Greene, Eileen MacDonagh, Martin Little, Shane Jackson, Lucinda Robertson, Sasha Sykes.

Photographers James Fennell, Jonathon Hession, Richard Johnston, Dragana Jurisic.