Dexter cattle from our meadow grassland

Dexter cattle

History of the Dexter

Originally regarded as the “poor man’s cow” Dexter cattle are the smallest of all European cattle breeds. In Irish history, Dexter cattle were selectively bred as a “dual purpose” animal for small farming families in the south west of Ireland. The breed is extremely hardy and can thrive in upland mountains and boggy wetlands. Dexter animals almost became extinct as modern agriculture took hold and opted for a larger more productive breed of cattle. This rare breed of conservation has more recently been acknowledged for its slow maturing, excellent tasting beef which is highly desired by restaurant owners and food enthusiasts. The ever-growing demand for the high favoured product has seen the breed recover from almost extinction which helps protect Dexter’s and ensure that they will be a feature of the Irish landscape and culture.

Dexter cattle
Dexter cattle at Burtown

Why choose Burtown House prime Dexter beef?

  • Enjoy the great tasting, tender meat with high levels of marbling
  • Relish the unique flavours of 100% grass fed beef
  • Taste the benefit of the Dry aging process which intensifies the natural Dexter flavouring
  • Benefit from a unique steak offering which is humble in size and leaves plenty of room for dessert
  • Support naturally outdoor reared farming practises which allow free expression of natural behaviours
  • Support the promotion of a smaller sized animal with a lower carbon footprint & low food miles
  • Help to conserve one of Irelands oldest native breeds

Our Dexter prime beef is available for order and will be ready for delivery from December 14th. Please contact shane on