Carlow Garden Festival 2023


The Carlow Garden Festival 2023 comes to Burtown on Wednesday August 2nd with Soil to Seed - A Regenerative Organic Approach to Vegetable Growing by Colm O’Driscoll. The talk starts at 11:00am to 12:30pm, pre-booking is essential. Tickets available here.

The Green Barn Restaurant serves lunch from 12:45, you can reserve your table here.

In this talk, Colm will delve into the area of regenerative organic vegetable production and shares the most environmentally sustainable approach to growing vegetables. Learn how to reduce your inputs, cut your labour and reap the rewards while enhancing the environment. Unsurprisingly soil health is at the forefront of the talk with a particular focus on improving healthy soil which translates to healthy vegetables. Colm will also give an insight into his vegetable seed production experience and discusses the benefits of locally grown Irish seed. Drawing on over 10 years of vegetable growing experience in Airfield Estate & Lismore Castle, Colm shares a variety of recommendations for some of the tastiest vegetables he has grown. Concludes with a tour of the vegetable garden in Burtown.

Com O’Driscoll is a dedicated exponent of organic horticulture and craft gardening, Kildare born O’ Driscoll spearheaded the transformation of the gardens in Airfield Estate in Dundrum from part building site to one of Ireland’s must-see gardens. Recently Colm has started a new position as Head of Gardens in Lismore Castle Gardens. A Graduate of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, Colm has enjoyed a diverse career gaining experience in many sectors of the horticultural industry including, landscape, retail, nursery stock, and organic food production.  Colm strives to innovate and introduce new and exciting plants while adopting sustainable methodologies, an endeavour that is clearly seen in his regular contributions to The Irish Garden Magazine, and through his lectures and workshops. Colm has an insatiable appetite for all things horticulture and he can regularly be found indulging in a busman’s holiday visiting various gardens.